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If you're viewing this page in the dashboard, you will see links to all of the forums, topics and replies on the left. This page uses shortcodes to check if the user is logged in, and either collate all of your forums, or display a message to log in or register (a shortcode, usually encapsulated in square brackets like this: [shortcode-name /], is a special code which allows you to pull in content from other areas of your site).

You can modify the text on this page as you see fit, so long as the page continues to use the ['bbp-forum-index /'] shortcode, it will continue to function as expected.

Do not delete the shortcodes:

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      All of the forums above will be hidden from non-registered visitors.

      It's good practice to have at least one forum which is open to the public, perhaps using it to provide information about how to join the club.

      To prevent existing members from using this forum, you should set the forum status to Closed.

      New Topic: Public Topic
      By: (7 years, 2 months ago)
      "This is a post in the public forums. You could use this to provide some information to the public, explaining why the forums seem empty to them, and provide a link to your registration page. The status of this public … Continue reading "
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